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Topic 1 - Saying Hello!

               Timings depend on student ability but have been approximated to include activity, feedback with
               concept checking, and pronunciation focus where necessary.

                                           By the end of the lesson you will be able to…

                                               -   Say hello and practice greeting people.
               Aims for today                  -   Give personal information about yourself and others.

                                               -   Identify the names of countries and their nationalities.
                                               -   Ask and answer questions about yourself and others.

                                           Write 5 or 6 answers on the board that are related to different
                                           aspects of your life (e.g.: 27, Paris, chocolate…). The information
                                           does not have to be true.

                                           Students then have time to discuss in small groups what they think
               Optional Warmer
                                           the question is to match each answer (e.g. How old are you?
                                           Where do you live? What is your favourite food?).

                                           Groups get 1 point for every question which relates to one of your

               Task                        1
               Skill                       Speaking

               Time                        5 mins

                                           Explain that reading aloud helps practice and improve
                                           Model the conversation with a strong student.
               Teaching Tips
                                           Ask the whole class to repeat the sentences after you.
                                           Explain the difference between ‘very well’ and ‘fine’ (‘very well’ is
                                           usually more formal and stronger).

                                           Monitor pairs as they practice and make note of any pronunciation
               Assessment                  problems.
                                           Drill any problematic words or sentences during feedback.

               Task                        2
               Skill                       Listening

               Time                        15-20 mins
               Teaching Tips
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